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A Child With One Parent Who Smokes Is Up To Four Times More Likely To Smoke Than A Child Whose Parents Donít Smoke. A Child With Two Parents Who Smoke Is Even More Likely To Smoke Him/Herself. A Child Of Smokers Is More Likely To Start Smoking At A Younger Age. And If That's Not Reason Enough?

In The U.S., Tobacco Use Remains The Leading Cause Of Preventable Death. The Number Of People Under Age 70 Who Die From Smoking-Related Diseases Is Greater Than The TOTAL Number Of Deaths Caused By Breast Cancer, AIDS, Traffic Accidents And Drug Abuse COMBINED. In Spite Of The Well-Known Health Risks, Wide-Spread Anti-Smoking Laws And Extensive Awareness Campaigns Nearly 20% Of Adults In The U.S. Still Smoke And Cigarette Smoking Accounts For Almost 20% Of All Deaths Each Year In The United States.

Of All The Smoking Cessation Tools And Resources Available, Studies Have Shown Hypnotherapy To Be The Most Effective Strategy Of All For Quitting Smoking. When Hypnotherapy Is Integrated With Other Modalities Such As NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) And EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) There Is A 93% Success Rate With Only Three To Eight Sessions. Other Methods, Such As Behavior Modification Therapy And Nicotine Replacement Products, Are Not Nearly As Successful.

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Steven Is An IAIH Certified Clinical And Transpersonal Hypnotherapist And A Graduate Of The Florida Institute Of Hypnotherapy, Florida's Only State Licensed Hypnotherapy School. Practicing Hypnotherapist Since 2003.

GUARANTEE: If you convince me why you must quit smoking, and if I take you on as a client, and you complete the entire protocol, I guarantee you will quit smoking. Or, I will give you a full and complete refund!

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy and NLP
3 Session - 6 Month Follow Up
$249 - That's a 50% Savings!


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
Includes (3) 1-2 hr sessions over 2 weeks
Also Includes 1 month and 6 month follow ups
No Charge for Benefits to Children and Family
Ask us about Tax Credits / Deductions
...Other Benefits of Hypnotherapy?
Lose Weight
Anxious Feeling
Reduce Stress
Improve Relationships
Resolve Anger
Overcome Limitations
Improve Memory
Trouble Sleeping
Overcome Limitations
Eliminate Bad Habits
and much, much more...


Medical Conditions Require MD Prescription
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Set Appointment Before Expiration Date
Limit one per person
Reservation required
24 hour cancellation policy
Expires On:   December 29, 2018

Maximum Savings:   $249

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